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Did it ever get better than this? Sit-coms. Soap operas. Talk shows. Made-for-TV miniseries. For decades, the geniuses at the TV and cable networks have been dishing up some of the most awful, embarrassing shows imaginable.

Apparently Not. From the gut-wrenchingly melodramatic, goody-goody families of 60s and 70s sit-coms to the soul-wrenchingly depressing demonstration of the human character on modern reality TV, we are so often forced to ask ourselves: "how could I ever have watched that?"

You will need one of these This website showcases the absolute worst of the worst. We invite you to check out our Recently Added list or our Hall of Shame—if you dare. All the frightful shows listed here were contributed by our readers. We encourage you to vote the absolute worst shows to the top of the list!

We also invite you to tell us about some of the awful shows that you've seen. Add your own shows today—it's free and completely anonymous (we don't even ask you for a name, login, email, or userid). We can all suffer together!

In case you're a glutton for punishment, you can check out more of the worst the world has to offer at these sites:

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